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25 Nov 2015 - Boundary Problems
Expand/rephrase "It will also help if you can find your way behind your neighbour's complaint to identify what is the real problem that needs addressing."
Expand/rephrase "" [eg. his drive is not wide enough to allow him to park a car beside his Victorian house - but there weren't any cars in Victorian times!]"
Neighbour psychology & boundaries
22 Nov 2015 - Boundary Problems
New section on "Expert Evaluation".
New section on "Giving the settlement permanence".
Change references from "Adjudicator to Land Registry" to "Land Registration division of the Property Chamber (First-tier Tribunal)".
Additional material on the "RICS Neighbour Disputes Service".
Additional thoughts on mediation.
Sundry further corrections and additions.
Boundary Dispute Resolution Methods
22 Nov 2015 - Boundary Problems
Rename page from "Boundary Definitions of Registered and Unregistered Land" to "Boundary Descriptions"
Add new section "Historical Context";
Substantial additional material in "Making and Describing New Boundaries" section;
Multiple small revisons elsewhere.
Boundary Descriptions
22 Nov 2015 - Boundary Problems
Boundaries: The Essentials
Replace, where appropropriate, the words "define" and "definition" and their derivatives with the words "describe" and "description" and their derivatives.
Increase by four lines of text the strapline, or subheading, at the top of the page:
Land Registry does not define property boundaries
but is required by law to show a general line of the boundary
and is required by regulations to use an Ordnance Survey map on which to do so.
That Ordnance Survey map is prevented by law from
ascertaining, altering, or affecting property boundaries.

Boundaries: The Essentials
22 Nov 2015 - Boundary Problems
Agreed and Determined Boundaries:
Update photograph of survey instrument.
Added text "To overcome this limitation, Land Registry will accept determined boundary applications that are based on Ordnance Survey's National Grid coordinates."
and altered text "In spite of the above limitation, determined Determined boundaries have a lot of potential ..." near to end of page.
Agreed and Determined Boundaries
18 Jun 2015 - Boundary Problems
Additional Frequently Asked Questions:
Buying a house: How do I check the boundaries?
Buying a house: Searches reveal some of the land is unregistered.
Buying a house: Searches reveal the vendor is adversely possessing some of the land.
Frequently Asked Questions
08 Mar 2015 - Boundary Problems
Revisions to:
Title Plans show only general boundaries;
What does a title plan show?;
General Boundaries at Road Frontages;
all on the page:
Land Registry's Title Plans
31 Jan 2015 - present page (site home)
Add new PDF paper to FREE DOWNLOADS area - "10 Things About Boundaries Every Landowner Should Know"
07 Jan 2015 - present page (site home)


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