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18 Jun 2015 - Boundary Problems
Additional Frequently Asked Questions:
Buying a house: How do I check the boundaries?
Buying a house: Searches reveal some of the land is unregistered.
Buying a house: Searches reveal the vendor is adversely possessing some of the land.
Frequently Asked Questions
08 Mar 2015 - Boundary Problems
Revisions to:
Title Plans show only general boundaries;
What does a title plan show?;
General Boundaries at Road Frontages;
all on the page:
Land Registry's Title Plans
31 Jan 2015 - present page (site home)
Add new PDF paper to FREE DOWNLOADS area - "10 Things About Boundaries Every Landowner Should Know"
07 Jan 2015 - present page (site home)
25 Apr 2014 - Boundary Problems
Numerous small improvements to the text, and addition of section titled "Common shortcomings in boundary descriptions", affecting pages:
Boundary Definitions of Registered and Unregistered Land
08 Apr 2014 - Jon Maynard Boundaries
Update "Some past cases" list, affecting pages:
Transfer Plan
Expert Witness
Single Joint Expert
08 Apr 2014 - Jon Maynard Boundaries
Update panel with "adjectives used to describe" Jon Maynard's expert reports, affecting pages:
Expert Witness and
Single Joint Expert
06 Mar 2014 - Boundary Problems
Update the telephone number for the RICS Consumer Helpline, affecting page:
06 Mar 2014 - Boundary Problems
Change text and images to reflect changes to the "Find a surveyor" web page, affecting page:
Find a Boundary Surveyor


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