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Miscellaneous Services

Transfer Plans

Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd can survey and draw a plan for the first registration of a newly delineated parcel of land.

For more information, go to Transfer Plan


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Agreed Boundaries

Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd can assist in describing an agreed boundary so that neighbouring landowners may provide clarity to a boundary that is inadequately described in the title deeds.

For more information, go to Boundary Agreement

Exact Line of Boundary: Registration

We can also meet the Land Registry's demanding standards for accuracy in position and for accuracy of description required for an application to Register the Exact Line of the Boundary (formerly known as "Determine the Exact Line of a Boundary") that is accurate to ±10 mm.

For more information, go to Determined Boundary

Expert Determination

Expert Determination is a form of dispute resolution used when both parties agree that, to resolve the matter, there is a need for an independent evaluation of a disputed factual issue by an expert who specialises in the subject matter of the dispute. The expert's decision is - by prior agreement of the parties - legally binding on the parties. The advantages of Expert Determination are that the process is confidential, speedy, cost effective and final.

For more information, go to Expert Determination


Litigation Support

Preliminary Opinion

This involves a brief examination of the documentary evidence and of the site in order to provide legal expenses insurers with a view as to whether there is a case worth pursuing.

For more information, go to Preliminary Opinion

Professional Advice

Professional Advice involves a fuller investigation and report that may be used to inform a client in his or her decision making in relation the boundary or the right of way at issue. It may be useful in circumstances where an amicable, negotiated settlement of the issues is envisaged.

For more information, go to Professional Advice

Role of the Expert Witness in Property Litigation

The expert's duty is to assist the court by identifying and analysing the evidence with the aim of establishing the truth.

Whilst professional advice and expert opinion is placed in the context of a thorough understanding of the law relating to the matters at issue, Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd is not a law firm and does not offer either legal representation or advocacy services. We recommend that clients seek a solicitor who specialises in property litigation to advise them on legal matters and to recommend the services of a suitable barrister to represent them in court proceedings.

Expert Witness (Party Appointed)

The services of a Party Appointed Expert include:

  • reviewing the documentary evidence for a boundary
  • accurately surveying the features present on the site
  • preparing an Expert Report
  • meetings with the other side's expert to narrow the issues
  • giving oral evidence in court

so as to assist the court in understanding the surveying issues that relate to the case.

Our Expert Reports are based on a thorough investigation of the evidence, and on logical deduction leading to a convincing expert opinion. Our reputation is based both upon the clarity of our Expert Reports and on performance in the witness box.

For more information, go to Expert Witness

Single Joint Expert

If the court so directs then Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd will provide an Expert Surveyor to act as a Single Joint Expert in

  • reviewing the documentary evidence for a boundary
  • accurately surveying the features present on the site
  • preparing a Single Joint Expert Report
  • providing written answers to either or both parties' written questions relating to the Report
  • giving oral evidence in court

Expert Witnesses are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35, which require that the Expert assists the court on matters within his expertise and that this duty overrides any obligation to the person from whom he has received instructions or by whom he is paid.

For more information, go to Single Joint Expert



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