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Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd
Willow Bend
Rownhams Lane

     Telephone:      023 8036 1344

We do not give advice over the telephone
except by pre-arranged
Boundary Advisor Remote Consultations.
Please send your enquiries to the above email address.

Before emailing, please be aware of the following:

  • The various Land Registries in the British Isles operate "general boundaries" systems.
  • Unlike the cadastral systems used in other countries, the British system lacks precise definitions of boundaries and lacks the government registered surveyors employed in other countries.
  • DO NOT ASK for someone to come and survey your boundary in the expectation that we will decide exactly where your boundary is and force your neighbour to accept that decision. There is no surveyor in the British Isles with the power to do this.
  • The only persons in England & Wales who can make such decisions are judges, and those decisions will have to be arrived at by trial at the High Court, the County Court or the Land Registration Division of the Property Chamber (First Tier Tribunal).


What to expect of us:

  • Our regulatory body, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, requires that we check there is no conflict of interest before we accept instructions from a new client.
  • For the purposes of this check we require the name and postal address of yourself and of the neighbour with whom you are in dispute. If the dispute is located at a different address from one or other of your own or your neighbour's addresses we will also need the postal addresses of the properties at which the dispute is located.
  • Once we have confirmed that there is no conflict of interest, you will then be able to forward us the documents relating to the matter that you wish to discuss with us.
  • We will also ask you for your email address so that we may send you information papers and details of our terms and conditions.
  • WE WILL NOT put your initial telephone call through to our boundary consultant and interrupt the important work he is doing for another fee-paying client. Boundary issues are usually complicated and in our experience a casual enquiry takes a considerable time (i.e. 1 to 2 hours) to answer.


What we expect of you:

□   If you want general advice concerning your boundaries then you should:

  • in the first instance consult the Boundary Problems web site, which has a wealth of information on the subject and costs you nothing;
  • in the second instance consider booking a Boundary Advisor Remote Consultation by telephone or by videoconference, during which we will discuss the complex issues surrounding your boundary or your right of way.

□   If you need our professional or our Boundary Advisor services then you should:

  • provide names and addresses for our conflict-of-interest checks;
  • give us your telephone number and email address so that we can communicate with you;
  • tell us which of our services you think you need;
  • tell us whether you are represented by a solicitor and provide all contact details for that solicitor;
  • tell us whether to send our invoices to you or to your solicitor;
  • if you are not represented by a solicitor, then you should be in a position to provide us with the documents you might need for resolution of the issues that are disputed between you and your neighbour.