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To celebrate ten years of providing information on
boundaries and boundary disputes in England and Wales,
this web site has been enlarged and reorganised. Explore the
using the links at left, or find out what services
can offer by clicking on the link at lower left.

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On the BOUNDARY PROBLEMS web site you will find information to help you understand how and by whom boundaries are defined, where to look for the authoritative descriptions of boundaries, and why these descriptions are often ambiguous. There are hints on how to work out where your boundary really is, and who to turn to if you need help. You will learn about the causes of boundary disputes, and how either to avoid them or to manage them so as to minimise their adversen effects.

You will also find information on general boundaries, deed plans, title plans, Ordnance Survey maps, adverse possession, private rights of way, and many other aspects of land ownership.


The associated JON MAYNARD BOUNDARIES Ltd's web site gives you information on the services that we can offer. These are based on our expertise in land surveying, spatial analysis, and air photo interpretation.

Our services include the provision of:
Transfer Plans, Agreed Boundary Plans, Determined Boundary Plans;
We offer professional advice in relation to boundaries and to rights of way;
We offer Expert Witness sertvices should you be involved in taking a disputed boundary or right of way to court.


This new version of the web site is a work in progress that will be added to and improved over time.