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Web sites selling BOOKS on BOUNDARY and NEIGHBOUR problems

A. W. & C. Barsby

A legal research and publishing company. Two of its books deal with neighbour problems. Their site contains additions and amendments which provide updates to the published edition that you have bought.

LEGAL web sites

the Property Law website

The online property law updating service and research tool. Maintained by Gary Webber, barrister

The UK public's favourite legal information site and gateway to other legal sites, providing their own information online and answering readers' questions. With links to all the major legal service sites in the UK.

CHAT ROOMS for people with BOUNDARY and NEIGHBOUR problems

Free support to help you manage Neighbours From Hell

Neighbours From Hell in Britain: An Online Internet community helping people to deal with, manage and resolve neighbour problems in the U.K. The site aims to help you if you are or have experienced anti-social or noisy neighbours, or if you have suffered or are suffering from a nuisance neighbour in any form. Help, advice and forums are freely available for you to use on this site.

Bearders Solicitors

West Yorkshire solicitors running the Garden Law advice site concerning the law relating to gardens, including boundaries, walls, trees and roots, gardenburial, smoke


Land Registry Searches -

LandSearch is the leading internet supplier of Land Registry Title Deeds and Land Registry documents in the British Isles. Land Registry documents disclose owners, boundary details, plans, covenants, charges, property prices and bankruptcies.

Land Registry Property Search

The official Land Registry site that allows you to search for and download (for the relevant fee) the title register and title plan for any registered title in England and Wales.

Government sites relevant to BOUNDARY problems

HM Land Registry

Find which is your District Land Registry, and how to contact it

Joint Statement by Land Registry and Ordnance Survey.

This is the link to the Land Registry page that shows the Joint Statement by Land Registry and Ordnance Survey concerning OS maps, Land Registry title plans, and the general boundaries of registered property.

Civil Procedure Rules

The text of the Civil Procedure Rules that govern civil litigation in the County Courts, the High Court and the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal.

Ordnance Survey

Comprehensive site where you can learn about the products, how to use the products, read press releases, etc.

This is the link to the Ordnance Survey page that shows the Joint Statement by Ordnance Survey and Land Registry concerning OS maps, Land Registry title plans, and the general boundaries of registered property.


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Information site of the governing body of Chartered Surveyors, with topical items on surveying and on public policy issues.

Law Society

The Law Society's directory of members (solicitors)

Academy of Experts
An on-line directory of experts and mediators

CEDR, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

CEDR's mission is to encourage and develop mediation and other cost-effective dispute resolution and prevention techniques in commercial and public-sector disputes. It is an independent non-profit organisation supported by multinational business and leading professional bodies.

Directory of experts of many kinds, classified under Medical and Non-medical

Directory of land surveyors, classified by specialism. Look under 'BOUNDARY DEMARCATION' for your nearest boundaries expert

RICS Directory

On-Line Directory of chartered surveyors: search it for experts in Boundary Demarcation and Disputes

1a. Look for the "Quick search" panel
1b. Do NOT change the "Country" or "Location" fields
1c. In the "Firm Type" field select "Boundaries" from the drop down menu
1d. Click on the "Search" button
2a. At the top of the "Search results" panel, click on the "Refine your search" link
3a. In the "Type of Surveyor" field select "Chartered Land Surveyors" from the drop down menu
3b. Click on the "Search" button
4. See a list of Land Surveyors who specialise in Boundary Demarcation and Disputes

Sites operated by MEDIATORS, ARBITRATORS, (Alternative Disputes Resolution)
Mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

The Dispute Mediation Consultancy was established in 2008 in response to a need to provide high quality mediation and conflict resolution services for the professional management of land & property disputes. The partnership comprises both professional RICS Accredited Mediators, and legal qualified Mediators, diversly spread across Southern and Central England to bring professional land & property mediation to your door.
Leading firm of mediators, whose web site contains a very useful description of the mediation process
"The main focus of our dispute resolution service is the provision of Queen's Counsel to act as arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators and facilitators for dispute resolution. Our service is available to lawyers and business executives alike."
Working with Solicitors to resolve difficult cases.
Sometimes negotiations stall or your clients need a quicker solution. I help Solicitors to:
  • minimise litigation risks,
  • shorten the life-cycle of cases,
  • improve client satisfaction.
The Association of Northern Mediators, Leeds
whose mission is "to promote the development and use of Mediation through education, dialogue and by making mediation more accessible to the wider community in the North of England utilising our network of qualified local mediators."

Sources of Aerial Photography

We provide date authenticated aerial photographs to clients involved in land disputes. Either Oblique or True Vertical photography can be provided - all we require is a post code or grid reference for the house, land, farm, town or factory in question, along with your preferred date of coverage. We will then search our archives and can e-mail a low resolution copy of the image for approval. If the image is suitable, we will then produce a high quality authenticated enlargement.

Bluesky is a specialist in the acquisition of aerial photography, the processing of geographic imagery and creation of high quality digital imagery products. By investing in the latest technology, Bluesky ensures the quality, accuracy and consistency of its aerial photographs are second to none.

Off-the-shelf National coverage of aerial photography is available from Bluesky. The aerial photography is the most comprehensive, widely used, accurate, and up-to-date orthorectified photography available in the UK today. New aerial photographs are continually added through a five-year rolling program.

Getmapping's vertical aerial photography provides a seamless, full colour survey of the whole of Great Britain - in fact the largest coverage available, with nationwide coverage at 25cm (suitable for display 1:2500 scale) and most of England and Southern Wales at 12.5 cm (suitable for display at 1:1250 scale).

Getmapping is committed to maintaining the most up to date aerial photography dataset by re-flying the entire country on a rolling update cycle at 12.5cm or 25cm resolution.


Archive Collection: Aerial Photos

Britain from Above

Aerial photography collections
◊  2.8 million+ aerial photographs
◊  Includes historical and current photography
◊  Aerial photography from a variety of sources
  •  RAF
  •  Ordnance Survey
  •  Royal Commission for Historic Monuments of
      England (RCHME)/English Heritage (EH)
  •  Historical collections e.g. Harold Wingham,OGS
  •  Vertical, oblique and military oblique photography

Britain from Above web site with viewable oblique aerial images dating from 1919 onwards. 01793 414600
Archive Services,
The Engine House, Fire Fly Avenue, Swindon SN2 2EH has access to numerous secure archives dating back to the early part of last Century.

Visit the website for guidance on the range of applications or to order a photograph online.

Or alternatively call the office on 01530 518 518 to receive a preview or conduct more extensive searches.

Skyscan offer a service to search for old aerial photographs for use as evidence in boundary disputes and site investigations.

We specialise in unique historical aerial photography of the British Isles. Our extensive collection includes 10 million stunning aerial images, stretching from Lands End to John O' Groats and spanning an amazing 4 decades of British social history.

Other sites of interest

BLS Professional Development

CPD (continuing professional development)training providers to the legal profession aims to be a leading on-line resource for UK Private Landlords, Tenants and Letting Agents. Whilst it says very little about boundaries or easements, it has a wide ranging and very useful links list.


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